June 8, 2018

June is the month when the cold really starts to kick in. It’s time to dig out the woolly knits and puffer jackets and throw on those comfy sweats. One of the compensations for saying goodbye to warm weather is that winter rituals are all about comfort. Hot chocolate before bed, making soup on the weekends, taking walks through the leaves and stoking up the fire on cold nights.

Once the weather starts getting really cold I am dreaming about a sunny escape somewhere. With the June school holidays fast approaching, maybe you are planning a trip somewhere to lap up some sunshine? Whether it’s a trip to Queensland to enjoy some sun and surf or further afield to somewhere in Asia or Europe a break from the cold can rejuvenate and replenish us, and make winter seem a little less long.

If your trip involves a flight with babies or toddlers these tips might help make the journey (and not just the destination) a little bit more sunny:

What to pack

These days airlines are more restrictive with the weight of carry- on bags so check beforehand what your limit is and stick to it – those extra nappies won’t be so useful if they are down in the hold.

A backpack is great because it leaves your hands free. Here’s some things you might want to include:

  • A mini medical kit with wet wipes, Panadol, tissues, toothpaste and deodorant to freshen up
  • Games, playing cards, stickers, crayons and colouring books.
  • A portable DVD player or ipad – and some spare headphones in case the airline ones break or get lost between the seats
  • Spare clothes -for you and the kids – nothing is worse than the prospect of a long- haul flight with clothes covered in vomit/soft drink/substitute your own personal unpleasant substance
  • Comfort toys – can make the difference between sleep and no sleep – just make sure you don’t leave Fuzzy Wuzzy on board when you reach your destination!


What to wear

For you: Soft comfortable clothing that won’t dig into you whilst you are seated – jersey/cotton lounge pants, a long sleeved t shirt and hoodie or loose cardigan can double as sleeping clothes ( if you get any!). Check out our soft and comfy sweats at www.morgenfrisk.com.au . A wrap or pashmina can do duty as a blanket at a pinch.

For the kids: For toddlers and babies dress them in their pyjamas so when it’s time to settle down and sleep they are ready to go. Snugglebum’s all in ones with feet will keep little toes warm if the cabin gets chilly. Our summer rompers are currently on sale so stock up on those for when you reach your destination.


What to eat:

Don’t forget to pre-book kids meals. Airline catering is usually pretty tight so if you don’t order beforehand you can’t assume there will be a spare meal – try telling that to a hungry two- year old! It’s always a good idea to carry plenty of snacks of your own, that way if the kids don’t like what’s on offer you have some alternatives. When my own kids were small I used to make them each their own little snack bags. Pretzels, crackers, cut up fruit, boxes of dried fruit, vegemite scrolls, mini bread rolls will all fill hungry tummies. By all means include some treats but remember too much sugar will have them bouncing around the plane. Lollipops can help soothe sore ears for young children during ascent or descent and for babies and toddlers, breastfeeding or sucking on a dummy or bottle will do the same.


What to do

These days the online entertainment options for kids are pretty amazing but bring along some toys and games to keep them occupied too. Simple card games, a book to read or colouring books and pencils can help while away the hours. Make up a playlist on your phone for your little ones or a photo album of all their favourite people. If all else fails counting the number of windows or passengers with blonde hair will keep them busy.

Fifteen years ago, whilst travelling with two toddlers under three I sat down next to a woman who openly grimaced and I realised that I was the person I used to dread sitting next to!  Generally, most people will be friendly and helpful if you just accord them respect and encourage your children to use their manners too. That game of peekaboo between the seats might seem cute to you but not so much to the person in the row in front trying to get some sleep before a business meeting.

Before long that little plane on the screen will have made its way across the map and you’ll be folding up your tray table and preparing to land and start your holiday. Enjoy!